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More information about Eclipse Luna, including a webcast with more details, can be found at July 8, 2013 New PASS Online Registration Manager features make it easy for you to take advantage of PASS Certification and Renewal discounts, as well as better manage your test schedule and your courses. New Registration Manager tabs let you see how many times you've attempted to register, let you see if you need to take a refresher course, and allow you to control your registration preferences.On the morning of June 21, 1993, the Miami New Times published a special report that shocked the nation: a 29-year-old man had allegedly been beaten to death by cops while handcuffed. Miami police officer Miguel Piñeiro admitted to the beating after being caught on a jailhouse surveillance camera. In the report, journalist Tim Thomas claimed that Piñeiro may have committed perjury during the investigation, which led to the indictment and eventual acquittal of officer George Yelvington. Most of the criticism came from Yelvington's supporters, who alleged that Thomas, who was a freelance writer and editor, was antagonistic toward the police. Yelvington's supporters also accused Thomas of being involved in the beating, though the police suspected Thomas of being an accomplice of Yelvington. The defense only brought Thomas to the stand to show that Yelvington may have been involved in the killing. "If you're going to get murdered, why are you going to a police officer's house to get beaten up?" the defense attorney, Raul Gonzalez, argued. "The more they charged Yelvington with something, the more they would try to cover up for Piñeiro. And so, the more they would try to pin it on someone else." The jury ultimately found Yelvington not guilty. However, Miami-Dade prosecutors have declined to charge Piñeiro for perjury. All is not well, however, for Officer Piñeiro. While he was on trial, Piñeiro was accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. On May 2, Piñeiro was sentenced to five years in prison for the rape. On May 31, Piñeiro failed to return to the court for his sentencing. Instead, he gave an interview to a local television news station. "I'm doing the right thing. The truth will come out," Pi




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